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Whether it’s stuffed animals playing a high-stakes game of cards or holding a funeral for one of their own, 10-year-old Giana Rainwater’s elaborate playtime setups are more than deserving of her father’s hilarious TikTok breakdowns. And although Giana isn’t the one sharing the videos, she’s definitely the behind-the-scenes star of Brandon Rainwater’s viral “What was my daughter doing last night” series.

Meet 5 Dads Who Have Upped Their TikTok Game Amid Coronavirus

With families around the world staying home amid coronavirus, more and more parents are becoming breakout stars on TikTok as the video-sharing app continues to grow in popularity. But while there are, of course, plenty of TikTok moms who deserve recognition — like the mom with the stereotypical Jersey accent who makes the best schmear — today we’re spotlighting some of the dads who have entertained millions of viewers in recent months.

Hilarious Dads to follow on Tiktok

As we’ve learned in the past year, some of the funniest people on TikTok are parents. See, the parents of TikTok are nothing like those of other social media platforms. They aren’t there to judge. Rather, they’re there to laugh at all the absurdity parenting has in store.

Dads have totally taken over the platform. From pranks to dad jokes to some heartwarming and wholesome advice, each of these dads gives you something different to smile about. Brandon Rainwater is often sharing some hilariously relatable dad musings. His kids keep him on his toes, but he’s able to laugh through it.

tiktok parenting trends might be worth trying

Of course, not everything needs to be on TikTok. If you’re going to share parenting life on social media, it’s important to be conscious of not shaming your child. These posts seem to run rampant on the platform, we’ve all seen them and we have all cringed over a mom laughing at a child who’s scared or having a difficult moment. Respect goes both ways — that’s something many of us learned but often don’t put into practice with our own children.

And let’s not forget millennial dads like Brandon Rainwater (@brandon_rainwater), sharing relatable parent content like the benefits of wearing comfortable dad sneakers.