Dad’s Reaction to His Daughter Drinking Mimosas in the Bathtub

Dad discovers 11-year-old daughter drinking mimosas in the bathtub: ‘Who showed my little girl how to make mimosas?’

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Whether it’s stuffed animals playing a high-stakes game of cards or holding a funeral for one of their own, 10-year-old Giana Rainwater’s elaborate playtime setups are more than deserving of her father’s hilarious TikTok breakdowns. And although Giana isn’t the one sharing the videos, she’s definitely the behind-the-scenes star of Brandon Rainwater’s viral “What was my daughter doing last night” series.

Brandon started the video with a whisper, “I think my little girl had a bad day at school today, or maybe she got a lot on her mind, I mean… stressful day for an 11-year-old, I guess. I heard the water running, so I came up here to turn the water off, and this is what I seen.”

He gives us a tour of the bath she’s left behind filled with bubbles. A cheese plate on the side outfitted with Snickers and Twizzlers, and the pièce de résistance. A bottle of bubbly (sparkling grape juice) and a jug of orange juice to make herself a drink.

This is where I don’t know what’s going on… Who, I mean who showed my little girl how to make mimosas? Brandon says with a laugh, “You know you mix them two together, it’s mimosas. Who been drinking mimosas with my little girl?”

“That’s enough, I was already laughing — this isn’t even her first bottle! This is her second one,” he says as he grabs an empty bottle of sparkling grape juice. Telling us she went back into the fridge to get more.

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